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Roses are not all Red

Roses are not all Red
Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Special
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🍷 2021 Cabernet Franc Rosé: Crafted with passion and precision, this rosé is a dance of summer berries and floral notes that will enchant your palate. Its light and refreshing character make it the perfect companion for a romantic rendezvous.

This rich, old school wine is prepared by first draining the cold soaking must of Cabernet Franc for 36 to 72 hours. The resulting wine is varied in colour, depending on the time on skins before draining, and bold in flavours. The wines were fermented off-dry, making for a very enjoyable experience. Tasting through the vintages, the wines range in extraction from the cabernet franc grape skins. The lightest vintage 2021 has the lowest phenolics and delicate red fruit flavours to the most extracted vintage with a rich mid-palate, and a long finish. This is a great opportunity to expand your Rosé collection for the summer and just in time for Valentines Day.

🍷 2018 Syrah: Immerse yourself in the rich, velvety depths of our 2018 Syrah – a wine that whispers tales of sun-soaked vineyards and cool Okanagan breezes. With hints of dark fruits and a touch of spice, it's an ode to the bold and the beautiful.

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Valentines Day Special
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